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I always had the same Sunday morning routine: Check the cupboard for what food is left from last week, look up recipes for this week, and write a grocery list including these ingredients plus the items I buy on a regular basis.

This process took up most of my valuable Sunday time, so I went looking for a way to revamp it. I tried online grocery lists, handwritten grocery lists, and even grocery list apps for my cell phone. None of these worked for me, they still took up (at the very least) a half an hour of my morning.

A few weeks ago, a friend shared her brilliant idea with me. The idea is so simple, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it myself.

Take some time to type up a list of what you usually buy weekly or keep on hand. Organize it by the section it is in at your local grocery store. Stick the typed list to the refrigerator or the inside of your cupboard. As you run out of something, highlight or circle it on your list. Then, on Sunday morning, all you have to do is add the ingredients from any new recipes you’re going to use that week. After you grocery shop, print out a fresh copy of the list and put it on your fridge. Or, I guess, if you’re really crafty–you could laminate it and use wet erase markers to write on it.

So, I went to work making my weekly grocery list. I left space to add additional items in each section. Enjoy!

Grocery List (You can print this one, but cannot make changes. The plus-side is that the font and spacing will be perfect.)

Grocery List (You can edit this one, but the font and spacing may need to be fixed.)



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